100 Word Challenge- (Picture prompt)

I was on the edge of a cliff holding on for dear life on this piece of rope wondering if i was going to survive this traumatic moment.

I had never felt this kind of fear before. I could smell death coming my way, either getting eaten by a furious roaring bear or falling into the ocean below infested with killer sharks.

The bear was getting closer, time was getting shorter. I was clueless and stupid so I let go and fell (449 ft) which is the same height as the empire state building.

When I hit the ocean I was bleeding from head to toe. I had hit a big rock on the way down. That was a bad sign because blood attracts sharks.

The water started to swish side to side getting faster and faster.  ”Shark” I scream trying to get help but I knew I was gone as soon as the shark opened its wide sharp mouth eating already half my arm.

100 Word Challenge- but what colour should it be?

I’ve always wanted to paint my blue car a different colour, but what colour should it be?   ”Hmmm” how bout white for a change. I went with white and then went to Bunnings to get the paint.

Once I got the paint I went home and sprayed the whole car white.  I let the car to dry for a while but when I came back I saw that I had completely missed the bottom half of the car and got more on the road than anything! I tried to scrub the paint of the road with soap and water but the paint I used was so strong it was the boldest thing on the road. It made a big smudge and the smudge started to get bigger! I stopped scrubbing because it was just getting worse. It was so big it was 2 houses long and was spreading over to my neighbors house Rick. Rick is a new neighbor and i wouldn’t say his the nicest person I’ve ever met. He only wants his way and if he doesn’t get his way he can become across a bit intimidating.

The next thing I notice is Rick storming out of his house with what looked like a frown on his face. I started to speed walk to the front door of my house hoping he wouldn’t see me or tell me off about the paint mess I’d made outside. He started to talk to me.

”Oh hi Rick I started. Hi Cheryl, Now I was just wondering if I could borrow some lemons from your backyard said Rick?

I sighed in relief. I thought he was here to confront me about the mess I had made outside of his house.

I gave Rick the lemons he needed to make for his lemon meringue pie for the town festival on Friday, He was holding a food stall with different types of cakes.

Thanks Cheryl he said. I gave Rick a thumbs up and smiled your welcome.



I walked down stairs rushing to go and meet my new puppy that had arrived. I was nervous what if the puppy didn’t like me. I looked at my new puppy it was so cute it had pink ears with a fluffy brown coat. I really wanted to walk it and get to know her more. ‘Hmm’ I’ll name you Milo. I took Milo for a walk down the creak and as soon as i took her off her lead she ran into the river splashing around everywhere.

I could see she was getting tired so I took her home to give her food.  I had cooked 2 steaks and i didn’t end up eating two so i gave Milo the other steak. After dinner she layed on my lap and fell fast asleep. I guess i did well then for the first day!


100 word Challenge- As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face

As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face.

That’s so sweat Veronica, You didn’t have to give me such a nice letter with a $400 gift voucher.  It was just my birthday nothing that special and plus we only met 2 weeks ago.

Ever since I’ve met Veronica i have found her very intimidating. I was a bit clueless on how to start a conversation with her because i didn’t want to sound stupid.

Luckily she started the conversation. My birthday is next Tuesday i’d love to see you there, everyone in the town is coming and i’d love to have my new best friend around ‘exclaimed Veronica’.

I’m sorry if i sound rude Veronica but I’ve got to be home by 3:00 and that’s 5 minutes away my mum will be quite worried if i’m late.  See you tomorrow at school ‘bye’.







100 Word Challenge- Why would I do that?

Mum It wasn’t me why don’t you ask Mia if she broke your vase!

Why would I do that? Just because i’m the younger one around here doesn’t mean I create the most mischief!

I’m becoming tired of the one who’s always getting blamed. She’s probably planned all of this from the start to make me get into trouble.

Mia would never knock anything over she’s not as clumsy as you are ”says mum”.  Do you not remember that time you knocked over the fishbowl and killed your two fish, and then tried to blame it on your sister Mia. that’s why I’m finding it hard to believe you lately cause you keep lying ”exclaimed mum.”

Ok, yes that was wrong of me but i swear this time i did not brake your vase. Mia creeps into the room silently. I’m sorry I was the one who really broke the vase.

What, mum says shocked. Mia why didn’t you tell me I was blaming your sister all along. Go to your room your grounded for a month because that’s how long it took me to save up for that vase you broke. Even though I felt sorry for Mia for getting into trouble I was kinda glad in a way she did get told off because I proved mum wrong!



100 Word Challenge- Flame,Ice,Lime,Regularly,Clock

I could see the Flame from the outdoor fire getting more vibrant as the time on the clock went by.

Usually every Monday night I’d be in bed by 9:45 but tonight was more than just a regular night.

The Ice on my car was getting thick instead of melting. The air was getting harder to inhale and was starting to smell like lime.

I turn around and there is this tall man who looked 7ft in a black coat standing there with a knife. Blood was dripping down.

I wanted to scream but I thought it would create more attention. Then I realized it was too late, I should have screamed!


100 Word Challenge- Picture Prompt

Come on Olivia there’s something up ahead!

As we got closer it started to shine and glow like it was a star in the sky!

How pretty is this ”Olivia commented”.

I put my arm out to touch the magical mirror but my hand started to disapear into the mirror like it was a magic portal.

Come on Lillian Olivia said to me, your mother said we had to be home by 6:00 and it’s 6:30 she’s probably going to freak out like last time we got home late.

Do you remember that time when she got so worried she called the police. Ha that was kinda funny Olivia said. exept the part when we got told off by the police.

We can always come back another day to check it out Olivia exclaimed.

I started to put my hand through and raised my voice, If you don’t wanna come i’ll go by myself.

What, no you can’t do that shouted Olivia. I’ll come with you but if anything happens your explaining it to your mother!

Fine I’ll explain but i doubt anything will happen. Come on let’s enter the magical world.





100 Word Challenge- As I looked Over The Edge, I Saw…

I was coming to a cliff and it looked very steep.  As I looked over the edge, I saw a new land with angels flying around everywhere and pink cotton candy clouds. 

Because I was so high the Clouds looked very close by.  Is this heaven i thought to myself.  The next thing I notice is that i’m lying in my bed all warm and cosy.

I shut my eyes quickly and wished i could go back into that dream.  I look at the clock it’s 7:30 and I’ve got to get ready for school. I hope i have that dream again!


BTN- Protecting Desert Animals




Over 1000 Australian native animals live in the desert in burrows and bushes.

In The First Fleet they brought stray animals on board ships so they could eat while the long journey.

Are there any Australian charity’s that help protect our Australian wild life?

What happens when a number of a particular species gets out of control?

I understand that in the dessert there is a lot of wild animals that kill each other for food and unfortunately one of the mice species have come to an extinction cause they are so small and easy for there prey to catch.

Here is the link to this weeks BTN-http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4685670.htm


100 Word Challenge {We Always Do That!}

Good Morning Tracey i said to my younger sister at the breakfast table, where do you think mum’s going to take us today considering it’s the first day of summer break?

I’m not to sure but we’ll probably go on an adventure like hiking through the bushes or go to the Zoo like usual even though that bores me to death.

Tracey and i split up to go find mum and to ask her what we where going to be doing today.  I give up say’s Tracey falling dramatically to the floor. I’ve searched the whole house and i can’t find her. Wait a second i thought to myself there is only one place we haven’t looked it’s the backyard. Tracey i found her she’s outside doing gardening with dad.

OK coming, ”Tracey replied”.

Mum what are we doing today?

I was thinking of going hiking with you girls because there is a new hiking track about an 1 hour away from here.

”Mummmmmmmmm WE ALWAYS DO THAT”!