100 Word Challenge- But they were exhausted…

On a bright summers afternoon Lacey Brooke, was just reading a book up in her room. Her mum Vivian asked her to go and play at the beach for a while because she had to go out to dinner soon. Lacey didn’t believe her mum and felt very suspicious. When she got to the beach […]

100 word challenge- Bricks, Gorilla, Yellow, Running, Pretty

Running through the park last Thursday felt like I was getting weighed down by bricks. My legs where all soar and felt like I was going to collapse. I was at the park practicing for the world wide championships 1100 meter sprint race. The clouds where yellow and looked like it was about to pour down with rain. I […]

100 Word Challenge- because I said so…

We are going to die if you don’t listen to me. Follow my directions! Kate you go that way, Leah you go that way, Tom you go that way and Tayla you go that way. We are on the verge of death you make one bad move your dead! The killer is 3 doors down […]

100 Word Challenge- (Picture prompt)

I was on the edge of a cliff holding on for dear life on this piece of rope wondering if i was going to survive this traumatic moment. I had never felt this kind of fear before. I could smell death coming my way, either getting eaten by a furious roaring bear or falling into […]

100 Word Challenge- but what colour should it be?

I’ve always wanted to paint my blue car a different colour, but what colour should it be? ”Hmmm” how bout white for a change. I went with white and then went to Bunnings to get the paint. Once I got the paint I went home and sprayed the whole car white. I let the car to […]


I walked down stairs rushing to go and meet my new puppy that had arrived. I was nervous what if the puppy didn’t like me. I looked at my new puppy it was so cute it had pink ears with a fluffy brown coat. I really wanted to walk it and get to know her more. ‘Hmm’ I’ll name […]

100 Word Challenge- Why would I do that?

Mum It wasn’t me why don’t you ask Mia if she broke your vase! Why would I do that? Just because i’m the younger one around here doesn’t mean I create the most mischief! I’m becoming tired of the one who’s always getting blamed. She’s probably planned all of this from the start to make […]

100 Word Challenge- Flame,Ice,Lime,Regularly,Clock

I could see the Flame from the outdoor fire getting more vibrant as the time on the clock went by. Usually every Monday night I’d be in bed by 9:45 but tonight was more than just a regular night. The Ice on my car was getting thick instead of melting. The air was getting harder to inhale and […]