September 11

100 word challenge …so, what lies ahead of…

Veronica, was walking along the beach with Anna and she saw this dog that looked like it had 2 heads and 8 legs. We gathered around It with fear. So, what lies ahead of us actually was a horse that was so small and really chubby.

The baby horse looked like It was lost so we decided to take It to a pet shelter so the baby horse doesn’t get hurt.

As we were driving past I saw this MISSING sign that had the same horse in our car on it.

the reward was 3 $million so i quickly called the owners address.  yes Veronica shouted today i’m going to be 3 million dollars richer!!!!

September 4


I walked to my friends house one quiet morning and I saw this weird thing in the distance. As I got closer I saw this foot mark in the grass it looked like it was a kids foot considering how small it was but why would it be in my friends garden?

I ran to my friends door and rang the doorbell I said my usual ”hello how are you” and then went straight into talking about what that foot mark was.

As she was talking she sounded like she didn’t want to tell me and it seemed like she was keeping a secret that she didn’t feel comfortable talking to me about. Then I saw something that looked like evidence in the background. She knew that I saw it so she shut the door on me and ended the conversation.

August 29

100 word challenge- then suddenly it went dark…

I was brushing my teeth ready to go to bed as my mum walks in my room and says were moving schools and houses. I collapsed and fell on the floor with tears dripping everywhere. ”No I screamed what about my friends”!

Come on hurry up there’s more important things in life than friends my mum said we have to look at a house in Queensland it’s really nice I’ve seen it already but want to show you.

But i’ts 8:00 at night, exactly mum said it’s going to be even more prettier at night they have got lights flashing on the house.

We arrived at this 3 story house it was really modern and pretty but I don’t want to leave my house I’ve been living in that house since I was one and I’m going to miss it.

We walked in the house and the first thing I did was go look at the bedrooms they were huge! Then suddenly it went dark and I screamed I saw this big black cloth circling me and following me. I ran out of the house and told mum but I heard that she had already bought the house as I was up stairs. 

I guess it’s too late now I said to my self I live in a haunted house!!!


August 22

100 word challenge: as it came rushing towards us we…

I was in the kitchen baking cookies and cupcakes when i heard something that sounded like a tornado. I looked out the kitchen window and i saw dust and dirt flying every where. I saw this little girl that looked like she was lost and i didn’t want her to get hurt out there so i offered her to come into my house until the tornado went away. I went outside and carried her to my house as it came rushing towards us we ran inside and closed the door the wind was so strong the little girl and i both fell over.

August 15

100 word challenge/ #seal

It was a usual boring old day. My mum said to get ready in 5 mins because we had to go grocery shopping. ”i hate going grocery shopping i said” we do that almost every Saturday do i have to come? yes you do said my mother. cant we do something better like go to the zoo i suggested i really want to see the cute animals!  we have to go do shopping now and no we cannot go to the zoo my mum said with a very stern voice. buy the time we had finished grocery shopping it had already been 1 hour i was exhausted and wanted to fall on the flaw and sleep. 

”then my Mother said with a happy voice if your still up to it i can take you to the  zoo? even though i was exhausted i still said yes i really wanted to see the cute animals! 

when we got to the zoo i ran to my favorite animal in the world seals.😊

here is the prompt!


August 8

100 word challenge: Cushion Scarlet Annoying Watered Violin) fiction

Scarlet my mum called its time to go to go birthday shopping!

normally i’m so excited for my birthday but its so Annoying every year on my birthday she plays the Violin in my ear as i wake up.

we got to the shops and my mum saw this color changing Cushion in the window, no joke it was actually pretty cool!

then i ran to my favorite shop target and saw this cool plant that Watered itself mum can i please get it I’ve wanted this!! OK she said.

to be honest I’ve actually never seen this before but when i say I’ve always wanted this its more convincing and its more likely i will get it.

August 3

principals Day

both our principles at our school are both amazing but today i will be talking about Rebecca.

Rebecca is very caring and respectful because i can see how shes very nice towards students including myself!

if someone is feeling down she will care for them or if there’s a problem at school she will deal with it very well.

shes always there for students when they need her and she is a very friendly person.




August 1

…but then the flash made me…

SHH i said to Morgan there going to hear us be quiet!

we walked out the door and ran to the park my parents won’t no were gone just hurry up i left my favorite red hoodie on the park bench!!!

in the distance i saw this red hoodie on the bench i was sitting on earlier this morning.  but then the flash made me go blind, this girl walking her dog had my hoodie.    Hey i screamed that’s mine! she came up to me and gave me my hoodie she asked me what are you doing up so late? ”trying to find my hoodie i said” and ended the conversation.

good night.

July 24

…when all of a sudden…

one day i was baking a cake as started to get bigger and bigger in the oven. when all of a sudden 

the cake exploded into so many slices!!

oh nooo  i screamed my mums going to kill me!

then next thing my mum walks in the worst moment possible. what happened my mum asked.

i was so scared that she was going to punishment me so i started to cry and scream!

shut up she said!

then i had woke up and smiled of relief that this dream wasn’t true!!

July 18

BTN Earless dragon

BTN Earless dragon 

facts: red

questions: pink

summary: blue

Fact 1. farming has destroyed there habitat.

fact 2. they are the worlds rarest reptile.

question 1.  why are they earless is it something that can protect them from there predators?

question 2. even though there rare were are they possibly found?

summary: this BTN report was about an earless dragon and what is ruining there habitat.