February 27

The First Fleet- BTN

                            The First Fleet- BTN

Fact 1-  when children use to go to prison on ships they use to stay in one little room at the bottom it used to fit 20 kids. some kids got really sick and caught really bad viruses they use to see  mice, spiders  and cockroaches some even carried really bad diseases that caused kids to die.

Fact 2-  a 9 year old boy was an orphan and he swept’ peoples houses for money. he was found guilty but he was only doing it to survive!!

 Fact 3-   if you stole things in England back then you would get hung even if you were a kid, they only hung you because there was no room in prisons to put them in.

 question 1- why did people in England get hung and no other country’s used to do that as a punishment??

question 2-  why did they put children on ships to go to prison at such a young age how did they use to get away with that??

i thought it was harsh that kids had to get sent on boats and stuff because there still little there not stealing stuff on purpose there only stealing to survive other wise they could die.

i think if a kid should be punished because they stole or did something wrong that they weren’t supposed to do they could go through the punishment when there a little bit older so they don’t have to experience these tough experiences at such a young age!!


this is the link that goes to my BTN The First Fleet.


February 27


i think i’d be a good SRC rep because i like to plan and organize things for the school. i think something that would be good for our school would be a new shade sale at the drop of and pick up zone because lots of kids have to wait there and on hot days it gets pretty hot!! another reason i think i’d be a good SRC rep is because i like to help and improve on stuff and at the same time i’m learning new things!! so that’s why i think i’d be a good SRC rep.

February 6

reflection on safer Internet day!!!

Today was safer Internet day and we learnt how to be sensible online. we watched a little video on how to be nice online and if you do like or comment on someones account be shore to be nice!

over 180 country’s cerebrate this day and  try to stop people from being bullied online, they say really mean comments and it hurts there feelings, for example they say your video was dumb!

the main goal of this lesson was to keep your personal info to yourself because 1> they could hack into your account and find out

were you live they could even find out your bank number!!

                    just remember to be safe and be kind online!!

February 6

My holiday road trip.

On the school holidays my family and I went on a road trip to Perth and we drove along the coast to get there. We were away for 4 weeks. The places we visited were Mt Gambier (SA), Adelaide(SA), Port Augusta(SA), Port Lincoln(SA), Ceduna(SA), Eucla(Border SA & WA), Esperance(WA), Albany(WA), Margaret River (WA), Fremantle (WA) and Perth (WA).

On the way to Mt Gambier we stopped at the Twelve Apostles which are 12 big rocks in the ocean, but I think some were missing because I couldn’t count 12!

In Mt Gambier we went to see the blue lake and it was so pretty because it was so shiny and blue.

In Adelaide we went on a cruise on the Torrens River and visited the Adelaide zoo i saw lots of cute animals but my favourite animal was the panda. We also had new years eve there and saw the fire works at the beach in Glenelg.

In Port Lincoln we found a National Park that had a lot of hidden beaches.  The beach we swam at was Donnington’s Beach.  The water was really blue and calm.  I was floating on my pink flamingo  floaty and all of a sudden a seal poked it’s head out of the water to have a closer look at me or maybe my flamingo!  We also saw some dolphins that came really close to us.  They were really friendly.

In Ceduna we went to a beach called Shelly beach and in fact  it was really shelly and the sand crunched under our feet as we walked on it.  The water was wavy and warm.  It felt nice after a long, hot day of travelling from Port Lincoln.

From Ceduna, we travelled to Eucla across the Nullabor which is the border of South Australia and Western Australia.  The town of Eucla is only a roadhouse which has a hotel and caravan park.  We travelled on a road for 90 miles straight without any curves or turns. It was boring, but we put some music on and sang ‘Give Me A Home Among The Gumtrees’.

On the way to Esperance we saw wedge-tailed eagles along the road.  Esperance was really pretty.  We walked along the beach that was so clean and perfect with blue water and white sand.  We saw the Pink Lake, which was actually pink!

We stopped overnight in Albany.  Albany is famous for it’s whales. On the way to Albany we stopped in a town called Denmark and visited a chocolate factory.  We ate lots of chocolate and felt a bit sick afterwards.

In Margaret River we visited an animal farm and fed the animals.  My mum fed a bottle of milk to a baby joey.  I fed the baby guinea pigs, goats, horses, ducks, kangaroos and pigs.  We went to the beach and saw lots of kangaroos on the sand that were really friendly and came up to everyone.  They were looking for food but you are not allowed to feed them.   We also visited some wineries.

In Fremantle we stayed on the Swan River and there was dolphins and swans swimming in the river outside our balcony.  We went for a lunch cruise on the Swan River and it took us to Perth city.  We also went to Rottnest Island where we saw the qwokkas.  They were everywhere and really friendly with people.  We rode around Rottnest with our bikes because cars are not allowed on the island. There are 21 beaches at Rottnest and we swam at some of the really beautiful beaches and saw lots of boats there too.

After staying in Fremantle for 1 week, we had to head back home to Melbourne.  On our way home we came directly through the Nullabor and it took 5 days.  I saw lots of desert and some mountains.  I was happy to get home to see my pets.  I have a cat called Maddie and 4 fish called Taylor, Katy, Coral and Treasure.  They were happy to see me too.