March 28



fact 1: Australia’s best comedian. Anh do’s brother got thrown into the ocean by a pirate.

fact 2: anh do’s family escaped at the age of 2 from Vietnam because there was a war going on.

question 1:  how come a pirate tried to to strangle anh do’s brother of the side of the boat and throw him in wasn’t anyone there to save him or to stop the pirate from throwing him in?

question 2: what year did anh do come to Australia and how did become famous and start his courier?

summary this video was about a refugee from Vietnam and how he escaped the war.

March 28

100 word challenge hard) beautiful) brown) worried) camera.

100 word challenge 

today i woke up to get ready for school i was really tired, i wished it wasn’t  Monday.

yesterday was a really hard day for me because i had my gymnastics concert and my dance concert. 

i had the best dance solo ever and my costume was beautiful

but the sad thing was that i lost my brown camera at dancing and i was really worried if someone took it  my mum did say to take care of it because if i lost that i would not get another one 🙁

fiction story.

March 22

BTN) Australians federations

Fact 1. Australia is one country on a vast area of land.

Fact 2. Australia is a unique country eg: in 1642 ship explorer Aiden Tasmin was very keen to his language! if he had stick around in Australia every Australian living right now would have to talk dutch.

fact 3: indigenous people couldn’t vote for elections until 1962.

question 1: why did Aiden Tasmin want everyone to speak dutch?

question 2: why couldn’t woman vote in elections until 1902? why where men more important than woman why couldn’t it be equal? they should both have a right to vote.

i thought it was mean that indigenous people and woman couldn’t vote in the election till a certain time and men could vote?

hears the link.!/media/1961881/federation-explained

March 22

so how can something be so tiny?

                    so how can something be so tiny?

  i woke up in shock panicking and puffing i had the worst dream ever. i dreamt  that i was tiny in some tiny little world. and some evil villain in my dream told me not to tell anyone              about this tiny world otherwise i would go tiny in real life forever. i thought it was a lie but he said i can tell if you have told anyone or not because my nose will twinkle.

i decided to tell my mum about this weird dream anyway and she said not to be scared because its just your imagination i went with the flow.

but the next day when i woke up i was tiny and the world was really tiny from down here even my cat was bigger than me she probably thought)

so how could anything be so small?

March 14

100 Word Challenge

100-word challenge- Fiction

Prompt so that is why I’m always last…

Why do I always come last in swimming I’ve always wanted

to be better than my friend in swimming but it just won’t happen she always beats me and every year my goal is to beat her in a swimming race.

My friend has an advantage cause she’s taller, older and she started a year before me!

I reckon this year on competition day I will beat her because I’ve been practicing at my pool at home on swimming faster.

Let’s see if I can improve and avoid coming last.

March 9

term 1 Semester Goals

                               name:          Ava                                            .          

                                               Goals for semester 1    

What I want to learn:

I want to get better at my times tables the ones I’m most focused on my 6s 7s 8s and 9s.

I want to get better at my fractions in math’s I want to work on getting better at it by the end of the year.

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

In math’s to meet my goal I could practice with mum or dad on my times tables and learn a different times table each night.

How I learn and behave:

In class my goal is to be more of a public speaker so I want to too come over my fear and start speaking in front of bigger audiences!!!

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

Maybe a way to get better at public speaking is 1.  just think you’re doing it in front of the mirror but with no one watching or 2. practice in front of your family and friends.



March 7

BTN/Convict and English

                                     BTN/Convict and English

Fact 1.  they think there only stealing but it means way more than that!!!it means there stealing a place in history.

Fact 1. they still things on purpose cause they want to get caught.

Question 1. why would they want to get caught?

Question 2. if England people steal they get into loads of trouble and get neck shackled witch if a convict steals then they kind of in a way get away with it and only clean peoples houses and do favors.

i think i think its really tough in England because they’ve got a lot of strict laws!! they get irons and one man died because he couldn’t take it anymore he was in so much pain.

March 2

a short story about me.

hello my name is Ava,

I’ve got a cat called Madeline and i love to play with her.

my hobby is dancing and gymnastics i do 2 dance class’s i do hip hop and jazz.

i love spending time with my family and friends.

 thanks for listening to my short story about me.

March 2


Cape Bridge Water Coastal Camp!!      

I waved goodbye as the bus was just about to leave. We took off and I was about to explode with so much excitement me and my friend Grace where on the same bus together and we played lots of games one of the games we played was Top Trumps it’s like a card game!!!

I was so excited and could not wait to get there!

It was a long 5-hour drive but for me it went pretty quick. We drove past a lot of ocean and the colour was so beautiful everybody was taking lots of photos. We stopped for recess and lunch by that time everyone was so tired 3-4 hours later…

We had arrived at camp and it looked so cool when we arrived we went on a 2 hour walk and me and my friends were dying to find out our cabins because they hadn’t told us yet. The walk was nice we saw seals down at the bottom of the ocean.

Apparently we climbed the tallest hill in Australia it, felt like it too!

Then we walked back to camp and we found out our cabins I was with both of my two friends Grace and Holly!! The rest of the girls I didn’t quite know at first but then I got to know them. Then we had dinner me and my friends were so excited about the next day because we knew that tomorrow we were doing snorkeling and seal caging which you could swim with the seals. Then later after dinner we watched   a movie called Mr. Poppers Penguins and it was pretty funny!!4 days later… We had done all the activities my favorites were sand boarding, seal touring and surfing I really enjoyed them the most! we were going home tomorrow I was also looking forward to that.

Here’s some photos from cape bridge water coastal camp!!

here’s my group on the speed boat going snorkeling!!

Here is the seal that we saw on the seal tour!!



March 2

BTN #2

fact 1: The young aboriginal girl put out the smoke from the fire because her Nana gets bad mosquito bites and the smoke keeps them away!   

fact 2: the aboriginals use to call the English ghost people.

question 1: why did the girl put out her Nana’s fire if she knew she needed it on?

question 2: what did the girl think the cow was?

I think:  i think it was unfair that the English and aboriginals couldn’t just share half of the place instead of arguing and fighting!  

here is the link to the my place BTN.