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fact 1: Australia’s best comedian. Anh do’s brother got thrown into the ocean by a pirate.

fact 2: anh do’s family escaped at the age of 2 from Vietnam because there was a war going on.

question 1:  how come a pirate tried to to strangle anh do’s brother of the side of the boat and throw him in wasn’t anyone there to save him or to stop the pirate from throwing him in?

question 2: what year did anh do come to Australia and how did become famous and start his courier?

summary this video was about a refugee from Vietnam and how he escaped the war.

100 word challenge hard) beautiful) brown) worried) camera.

100 word challenge 

today i woke up to get ready for school i was really tired, i wished it wasn’t  Monday.

yesterday was a really hard day for me because i had my gymnastics concert and my dance concert. 

i had the best dance solo ever and my costume was beautiful

but the sad thing was that i lost my brown camera at dancing and i was really worried if someone took it  my mum did say to take care of it because if i lost that i would not get another one 🙁

fiction story.