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Cats BTN


Fact 1. Cats sleep 70% of there life.

Fact 2. Cats cant taste sweetness

Fact 3. a cats brain is 90% similar to a humans brain.

Question 1. why do cats hate getting wet with water?

Question 2. what is a group of cats called?

100 word challenge

100 word challenge

i woke up and looked at the time i was late for school i ran down stairs and then ran out the door. when i had arrived at school every one was doing independent reading so i went inside and chose this pirate ship book it looked really cool! so i grabbed it and went to sit down to read it.

QUICK TURN THE BOAT QUICK I SAID ITS GOING TO HIT A ROCK!!!  then my mind came back to the class room and i felt weird, and every body else in my class room was looking at me funny too for a minute i thought i was on the boat in the book!


100 word challenge

                      100 word challenge

i was walking though the park at night time with my dog Emily and all of a sudden it started to pour down with rain we ran home but i realized that something like a dark shadow had been following us the whole time i was terrified to go out alone ever again!!! my mum and dad were not home so i ran to my friend molly’s house down the road i diddent want to stay in a big old house by my self!

as i arrived on my friends door step…… TO BE CONTINUED!!!