May 28

predictions on the adaptations of the wild budgerigars

We are doing a research project on animal adaptations on the budgerigars. We have to make predictions on what their adaptations are.

1 A budgerigar feathers are able to absorb water so they can go longer periods of time without water

2 They are brightly coloured (yellow and green) so the sun light reflects off of them and stay cooler and so they can camouflage in the more greener trees

3 They fly in big groups or flocks so they don’t get eaten by predators

4 They are able to fly for long periods of time to look for food and water

5 They eat lots of moist food to keep hydrated

May 24

the day at the aquarium

today we went to the aquarium and it was loads of fun I really enjoyed looking at the animals cause I was also learning new things at the same time. when we went into the shark and stingray area it was really cool but also a little scary at the same time.

today I learnt that starfishes aren’t really called star fishes their called sea stars. I also learnt that crocodiles can stay under water with out breathing for 2 hours. crocodiles heartbeat can go up to 2 mins without a beat.

we got to touch starfishes and they felt really ruff I also touched a shark egg. my favorite animal was the penguins and the dory fish it was really pretty.


May 23

BTN Weedy sea dragon

BTN Weedy sea dragon

fact 1.  50 kilometers from Sydney is were you will find a sea dragon

fact 2.  they can be found in the south and east of the Sydney coast.

question 1. can sharks or any other big animals form under the sea eat sea horses?

question 2. what are sea horses predators?

1. they have got a very unique print and there pattern is very pretty.

May 23

100 word challenge🍔

100 word challenge 🍔

Today was Victoria my cousins 6th birthday i was so exited we were going to this burger place and I’ve been there before and they sell the worlds best burgers!! So i started to get ready for the party i picked out the most prettiest pink dress in my closet.

then we got into the car and went to the burger place. when i got there they were already having cake and singing happy birthday i was confused!

happy birthday i said to Victoria.

oh my said Victoria and her mum pillar, your so late you missed the worlds best burger!🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔

I’m so sorry i’m late how early did you start?  i thought the party started at 3:00 not 12:30?? it started on time like the invitation said.

then my Auntie Pillar came and said i’ll order you a burger. then 5 mins later this delicious burger comes to me from out of the wall.

from out of know where Victoria said go grab your burger from out of the wall, the new service is that they serve burgers from out of the wall. I was amazed!!

May 23






NSW  2

QLD  5

WA   4

VIC  11

SA   0


NT  1



May 23


Data set

USA 42066

Holland 26544

Canada 35222

Australia 34835

Belgium 32641

Germany 32349

Taiwan 31346

UK 31217

Japan 30866

France 30062

Spain 26662

Italy 26370

Greece 26313

Korea 25256


USA is the richest and Korea is the poorest. The different between USA and Korea is $16810. Spain Italy and Greece are almost the same in wealth. This graph is the right kind of graph because you use a bar graph for categorical data and are large amounts and our data it both of those things.

May 16

BTN school waste/wipe out waste

BTN school waste/wipe out waste

fact 1. talking rubbish is encouraged at there school.

fact 2. Australians throw out 50 million tonnes of waste witch is 2 tons of a person.

question 1. why do people litter?

question 2. don’t they care that animals can die with plastic or litter it could suffocate them!

i think its not OK for litter, people should think twice and stop being lazy and just go to the bin.


May 16

100 word challenge



WITHIN the forest there ran a river where a crocodile was swimming happily, while eating a big juicy WIDE ORANGE. all of a sudden it started to slither towards me but he got faster every step i was nervous! he followed me through the forest as he started to slither more slowly suddenly he collapsed in laughter as he saw a panda in a tree swinging side to side!!  

i quickly ran out of the forest as i saw he was distracted by the panda run i said to myself. I ran to get my car and drove off in in a flash.

May 9

the slime dripped through

the slime dripped through

it was a normal average day as i heard the doorbell rang

so i ran down stairs and went to go see who it was. so i opened the door and it was my cousin SOFIA!! yes i shouted come on let go upstairs and play i said. so we went upstairs and played some board games then i got this great idea how about we do some slime making me and Sofia ran to get my iPad and we watched some YouTube videos on how to make rainbow slime then we found the perfect one so we started to make it the slime. the ingredients we needed were 1 cup of flower 2 cups of water and then we had to put it into the microwave for 40 seconds. then all of a sudden i heard this big bang and it sounded like it was coming from the microwave so me and Sofia checked and it was so we quickly cleaned up all the slime and put it into a jar and then we went down to the basement but when i put it down the lid burst off and the slime exploded everywhere i diddent have time to clean it up this time because my mum was coming down the hallway. so i quickly shut the door and ran out of the basement and up stairs to my room. me and Sofia decided to do reading and doing our homework. then my mum called me from up stairs and asked if i knew were her luggage was and i said in the basement.

5 seconds later i thought oh oh that’s were the slime exploded i totally forgot and accidentally told her

when my mum opened the door she called me and i knew i was in trouble…..            TO BE CONTINUED!!

May 9

BTN Fashion

BTN Fashion Waste.

Fact 1. throwing out clothes can be a big impact on our environment.

Fact 2. most Australians don’t even wear half the stuff in there closets and buy new ones.

Question 1. why are throwing out clothes effecting our environment?

Question 2. why do people buy so much clothes and then just throw them out and get new ones when you can give it to charity?

I think 27 kilos of clothes a year is a lot cause half of the clothes in our closets we don’t even use in a year!!