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BTN>Battle of the coral sea

BTN> Battle of the coral sea

fact 1.  in 1942 there was world war two

fact 2.  japan had bombed america and British forces pearl harbor Hawaii.

fact 3. the battle of the coral sea saved invasions

question 1. what did country’s fight over and what about?

question 2. why didn’t the travel on an plane why a boat?

summary: this BTN was about world war 2 and witch country’s fought.

100 word challenge

100 word challenge

I woke up and screamed with joy it was Sunday my favorite day! i had gymnastics, but i still had 30 mins to spare so i decided to do my homework it was boring maths!!! although 30 mins had come very quick before i knew it it was time to go to gymnastics. when i got there there looked like there was this new teacher. then gymnastics started and our teacher introduced himself he said his name was Mr. Robert. he diffident seem very nice. as we were stretching out for our warm ups he went to go get a drink but he walked through the wall i was confused i said to myself I HOPE WE DON’T HAVE A GHOST TEACHER!!