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the slime dripped through

the slime dripped through

it was a normal average day as i heard the doorbell rang

so i ran down stairs and went to go see who it was. so i opened the door and it was my cousin SOFIA!! yes i shouted come on let go upstairs and play i said. so we went upstairs and played some board games then i got this great idea how about we do some slime making me and Sofia ran to get my iPad and we watched some YouTube videos on how to make rainbow slime then we found the perfect one so we started to make it the slime. the ingredients we needed were 1 cup of flower 2 cups of water and then we had to put it into the microwave for 40 seconds. then all of a sudden i heard this big bang and it sounded like it was coming from the microwave so me and Sofia checked and it was so we quickly cleaned up all the slime and put it into a jar and then we went down to the basement but when i put it down the lid burst off and the slime exploded everywhere i diddent have time to clean it up this time because my mum was coming down the hallway. so i quickly shut the door and ran out of the basement and up stairs to my room. me and Sofia decided to do reading and doing our homework. then my mum called me from up stairs and asked if i knew were her luggage was and i said in the basement.

5 seconds later i thought oh oh that’s were the slime exploded i totally forgot and accidentally told her

when my mum opened the door she called me and i knew i was in trouble…..            TO BE CONTINUED!!

BTN Fashion

BTN Fashion Waste.

Fact 1. throwing out clothes can be a big impact on our environment.

Fact 2. most Australians don’t even wear half the stuff in there closets and buy new ones.

Question 1. why are throwing out clothes effecting our environment?

Question 2. why do people buy so much clothes and then just throw them out and get new ones when you can give it to charity?

I think 27 kilos of clothes a year is a lot cause half of the clothes in our closets we don’t even use in a year!!