July 18

BTN Earless dragon

BTN Earless dragon 

facts: red

questions: pink

summary: blue

Fact 1. farming has destroyed there habitat.

fact 2. they are the worlds rarest reptile.

question 1.  why are they earless is it something that can protect them from there predators?

question 2. even though there rare were are they possibly found?

summary: this BTN report was about an earless dragon and what is ruining there habitat.

July 18

100 word challenge


I heard this weird sound coming from outside it sounded like people talking really loudly. I went outside to see what was going on and there were 3 men installing this big Carousel out in the park outside my window.

the carousel looked really fun so i asked the men how much longer until its open so people can play on it?

he said 1 hour i shouted with joy YESSSSSSS!!!!!

in the mean time i decided to go to the super market and get some grocery’s. i got home and saw that there was a sign  on the carousel that it was open so i dropped the shopping at the door and ran straight to the park.

YIPPEE i said this is so much fun!

as i was heading back home i see these 6 horses run off the carousel i was really confused how did they come off if there not even real?? so i quickly ran inside and didn’t go back out till morning had come .