August 15

100 word challenge/ #seal

It was a usual boring old day. My mum said to get ready in 5 mins because we had to go grocery shopping. ”i hate going grocery shopping i said” we do that almost every Saturday do i have to come? yes you do said my mother. cant we do something better like go to the zoo i suggested i really want to see the cute animals!  we have to go do shopping now and no we cannot go to the zoo my mum said with a very stern voice. buy the time we had finished grocery shopping it had already been 1 hour i was exhausted and wanted to fall on the flaw and sleep. 

”then my Mother said with a happy voice if your still up to it i can take you to the  zoo? even though i was exhausted i still said yes i really wanted to see the cute animals! 

when we got to the zoo i ran to my favorite animal in the world seals.😊

here is the prompt!