August 22

100 word challenge: as it came rushing towards us we…

I was in the kitchen baking cookies and cupcakes when i heard something that sounded like a tornado. I looked out the kitchen window and i saw dust and dirt flying every where. I saw this little girl that looked like she was lost and i didn’t want her to get hurt out there so i offered her to come into my house until the tornado went away. I went outside and carried her to my house as it came rushing towards us we ran inside and closed the door the wind was so strong the little girl and i both fell over.

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1 thoughts on “100 word challenge: as it came rushing towards us we…

  1. antsclass

    great work this week. I particularly like the way you are using lots of compound and complex sentences here. You are becoming more aware of using punctuation at the end of your sentences (I think you only needed 1 extra one in this whole piece) and every time you started a new sentence you had a capital letter after the full-stop.
    Well done!
    Keep up the great work


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