August 29

100 word challenge- then suddenly it went dark…

I was brushing my teeth ready to go to bed as my mum walks in my room and says were moving schools and houses. I collapsed and fell on the floor with tears dripping everywhere. ”No I screamed what about my friends”!

Come on hurry up there’s more important things in life than friends my mum said we have to look at a house in Queensland it’s really nice I’ve seen it already but want to show you.

But i’ts 8:00 at night, exactly mum said it’s going to be even more prettier at night they have got lights flashing on the house.

We arrived at this 3 story house it was really modern and pretty but I don’t want to leave my house I’ve been living in that house since I was one and I’m going to miss it.

We walked in the house and the first thing I did was go look at the bedrooms they were huge! Then suddenly it went dark and I screamed I saw this big black cloth circling me and following me. I ran out of the house and told mum but I heard that she had already bought the house as I was up stairs. 

I guess it’s too late now I said to my self I live in a haunted house!!!