September 11


1st fact: the electricity moved from the machine to the boys body.

2nd  fact: pylons have been around for 300 years.

1st question: Was the golden flakes real?

2nd question: What did he mean by charging the boy on the silk rope?

September 11

100 word challenge …so, what lies ahead of…

Veronica, was walking along the beach with Anna and she saw this dog that looked like it had 2 heads and 8 legs. We gathered around It with fear. So, what lies ahead of us actually was a horse that was so small and really chubby.

The baby horse looked like It was lost so we decided to take It to a pet shelter so the baby horse doesn’t get hurt.

As we were driving past I saw this MISSING sign that had the same horse in our car on it.

the reward was 3 $million so i quickly called the owners address.  yes Veronica shouted today i’m going to be 3 million dollars richer!!!!