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100 word challenge [Ladder,Goldfish,Flew,Brown,Slowly]

I climbed up the LADDER to get the fish food for the three sparkly BROWN GOLDFISH. They shimmered in the daylight like twinkling stars and glowed in the night like bubble baths.

The fish where SLOWLY gliding through the water with effortless motion on there face’s. I heard a loud noise coming from outside sounding like gunshots or robbers at the front of the house.

I went to have a closer look from the peephole of my door and i saw men in black and there face’s in killer clown masks. I FLEW upstairs to go hide in the closet and locked the door.



red- facts

blue- Questions

Aqua- Understanding

 Democracy is a Greek word. Demo means people, and cracy means power or rule. 

The kids in ancient Greece were in danger from the plane bombings.

Why was it that if you were poor that you couldn’t vote?  What year was democracy invented?                                                                                                                                     

 I understand how democracy has changed over the years and how different it is to today than it was in the olden days.

100 word challenge

One glorious afternoon the sun was out and there was not even a cloud in sight. The dogs Marley and Katie were barking and going bonkers. I was feeling a bit dizzy so i sat down on the closest chair and thought about somewhere new i could take the dogs to play and go for a walk. An amazing thought popped in my head how about Elizabeth park they’ve got a new stick figure display and apparently its one of the best sight attractions in Melbourne! when we arrived the dogs ran a muck they tipped over every single figure in the park and ripped the stick figures to pieces. Marley and Katie come here right away!! But they were no where to be seen…

Integrated studies

The community were trying to say that the war wasn’t fair back in the olden days because king john didn’t care about anyone’s opinion’s or thoughts and wouldn’t give anyone a say. What the message was trying to say was that things have changed a lot and we now get to do votes, and everyone gets a say not just the Prime minister and law group.

From <http://caitlynsclass.global2.vic.edu.au/>

…we were moving very fast when … (100 word challenge)

Hey mum can we do something fun today, like go to a water park or the movies? Sweetie you know Saturdays are grocery shopping days, hmmmm maybe tomorrow you can invite your friend Ella over to watch that new movie on Netflix.

I guess so can i invite Katelyn too?

yeah if you want to, you can also hop into the pool tomorrow since its going to be 38 degrees.

are you ready asked mum? Yes i’m coming down stairs now.

we were on our way to the grocery store and WE WERE MOVING VERY FAST WHEN all of a sudden the tires busted into flame’s the the car blew up. BANG BOOM POW!!!!


I think I’ve got what it takes to be a good role model for SRC because I’ve got great leadership and I care for others and their ideas and opinions.

I also think I’m really creative and that might help because I can come up with brilliant new ideas.

I’m also good at helping people if they don’t understand something and I think that’s also a good skill to have because it makes good friendship and teamwork.

I hope you enjoyed my short but quality speech and hope you choose me as a helpful SRC.

100 word challenge- It came down the drainpipe….

It was a rainy, miserable, humid day on February the 25th.

Water was dripping from the ceiling and paint was peeling off the wall.

This place was supposed to be relaxing and feel like a holiday instead i just felt bothered.

I felt shivers down my spine and i turned my back  IT CAME DOWN THE DRAINPIPE.

There was a python slithering around on top of the fireplace slapping the back of its body.

I ran out the door screaming but as i looked the other way there was a KILLER CLOWN with a chainsaw and a huge knife.

I fell to the ground with fear and tears.

About me

 Hi my name is Ava.

Some of my favorite things to do is dance, Act and sing.  Every week from Wednesday to Sunday I do all kinds of dancing and acrobatics classes. When I grow up I want to be a vet and help all kinds of animals that are sick. My favorite things to do in school is reading and writing. My favorite colour  is purple and red. And lucky last my favorite pet in the world is a kitten and puppy.