I woke up and looked at the time, it was 4:45 in the morning.

I SHOUTED with glee, it was my 13th birthday today and we where going to go out for dinner at this really fancy place.

I got out of bed and ran to my older sister to brag about how it was my birthday and how i was going to be the the center of attention for the day.

She didn’t care much because she was to interested in watching the latest horror movie on Netflix.

I went back to my room because the movie she was watching was way to scary for me.

”AHHHHHH i screamed running out of the room FRANTICALLY there was this big monster on the TV with 3 heads coming out of someones eyes”.

I heard stomping outside so i went to go have a look from the peep hole of my door.

There were two men carrying these large GRAVE stones and putting them in a big black car.

The sky was CRIMSON and the clouds where MISTY.

I felt the room temperature change hot when i knew something was up…



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  1. Ava2016 says:

    Authors purpose-
    Get the reader to think what’s gonna happen next, and make them visualize the next part of the story.

  2. bridget2016 says:

    Hi Ava
    I really liked your 100 WC. I thought that it was really interesting and exiting. But I think that you jumped from one thing to another too much and didn’t describe some of the details. But I really enjoyed your 100 WC because it was strange and gripping and I wanted to know what happened next.

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