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BTN- [Don’t Panic]

Red-facts  Blue-questions Pink-understanding  In a natural disaster the best thing to do is not panic because by panicking all your doing is wasting your time. Every minute counts and your life could be gone by getting scared and not thinking straight. Bush fires often occur more when the weather is hot and dry. which country/state […]

100 word challenge [However, she couldn’t believe what she had done]

I went to dancing at 7:30 to try on my solo costume. My friend Lacey also had her solo she was performing Today. ”Who touched my costume Lacey shouted! Sorry Lacey, Stephanie replied I accidentally dropped my lemonade cordial on it. However Lacey couldn’t believe what she had done, she was speechless. Now what am I […]

BTN- Cape Town Water Crisis

Red-facts  Blue-questions Pink-understanding  Cape Town in South Africa has been suffering from really bad droughts lately. The whole city is at risk of running out of water. Has anyone died from a drought over in Cape town?  What has been the worst drought recorded in the world? I understand that 50 litres sounds like a […]

100 word challenge [Bridge,Sprinkled,Pink,Daffodil,Huge]

I walked over the bridge with my new Dance costume glowing in the sun light. My pink cape flew with the wind like leaves in a dust storm. My beautiful bouquet of daffoldils smelt like my favorite perfume. When i arrived home i wanted to try the new ice cream in the freezer. I sprinkled a huge amount of […]