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BTN- Anzac Day

Red-facts blue- questions pink-understanding  Australia’s first battle of the war was in Gallipoli. Anzac Day is all about the people who died at war to fight for there own country. How many people died in the Gallipoli war? How many people do they choose to go fight in the war? I understand that Anzac Day […]

100 word challenge

Me and my friends Maria and Alexandra where walking through the park for our usual morning walk before school. On our way to the park we kept hearing footsteps behind us but every time we turned around no one seemed to be there. It was probably just our minds playing tricks on us. We started […]

BTN(Commonwealth games)

Red-facts blue- questions pink-understanding  Britain use to be the old roman name for England.  The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada. who was the youngest competitor in the commonwealth games for 2018? how long do athletes in the commonwealth games have to train for their events? I understand that every 4 years […]

Book Review

Book- The Maddie Ziegler diarys Reflection- This book was a Autobiography by Maddie Ziegler and how her journey started as a TV star when she was 3 years old. She talks about how she started off on a Popular TV show called dance moms. When Maddie Ziegler was 11 years old she quit dance moms […]

BTN- History of Voting

red- facts blue- Questions  Pink- Understanding In the 18 hundreds they didn’t allow women to vote because they thought they weren’t smart enough to know about politics. In 1902 Australia became the first country in the world to give women rights to vote in federal election and the right to be elected to federal parliament.  […]

100 word challenge

”ELIZABETH can you please go outside to pick out some nice ripe eggs for breakfast. Autumn is the season that chicken’s lay eggs the most. I Guess so i replied. I put on my shoes and went into the shimmering sun. In the distance i saw these colorful things that almost looked as if they […]

100 word challenge

It was a quiet Tuesday morning in LA, the sun was shining and there was not a cloud in sight. The bees where buzzing and birds where chirping. I closed all the windows and decided to go on a nature walk through the forest but as I opened, the front door there was a huge […]

BTN- levels of Goverment

red- facts blue- Questions Pink- Understanding the federal government takes care of the country as a whole. state and territory governments control each of Australia’s six states and two territories.  Why is local government at the bottom of the list? who came up with state governments? I understand that the level of government has to […]

BTN [Young Leaders]

red- facts blue- Questions Pink- Understanding A good leader is someone who can communicate well and get there point across. A good leader is someone who can lead by example and inspire others. Can you be a good leader by just talking or do you need to take action to make a change? Have i […]