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BTN- Disaster Recovery

Red-facts blue- questions pink-understanding 1500 people have died from Bush fires over in Pakistan in the last few weeks and several left without shelter or homes. 2000000 people have been effected by the shocking floods. Do they know when the tsunami’s, floods and earthquakes will stop and Pakistan will go back to normal? How high […]

100 word challenge: Picture Prompt

Today was the 1st of December which meant it was the first day of summer. Every year in summer my family and i usually go outside and collect Durians from our trees. I raced my brothers and sisters down stairs to the back yard, we normally have a competition of whoever collects the most Durians […]

BTN- Africa is splitting into two [Herald Sun News]

Red-facts blue- questions pink-understanding Massive cracks are appearing in a valley in Kenya leading some scientists to suggest it could be the start of Africa splitting in two. The rips in the earth in the Rift Valley are growing longer and deeper by the day. How many life’s have been lost because of this? Is […]

100 word challenge- I didn’t listen to the instructions…

Good morning class, everybody line up at the door today where going on a excursion to the Zoo. Miss Penelope can i please go to the bathroom i asked? Yes darling but make sure to be very quick where about to leave, meet us at the bus stop. I raced off without even listening to […]

Book review- IT

What the books about: an ancient, shape-shifting evil that emerges from the sewer every 27 years to kill one of the town’s children. Banding together over the course of one horrifying summer, the friends must overcome their own personal fears to battle the murderous, bloodthirsty clown known as Penny wise. IT is a very interesting […]

BTN- Hawaii’s erupting volcano [Herald Sun News]

Red-facts blue- questions pink-understanding  The volcano in Hawaii has already destroyed 26 homes. lava can spurt up to 70m in the air. Do they know when the volcano will stop? How far do people have to travel to find a safe place away from the volcanic irruptions?  I understand that the people who live in […]

100 word challenge [Night Zoo Keeper]

I Knew today my new book Night Zoo Keeper was getting released at the local library and i had to be their by 9:00am to sign it.  I got up and raced downstairs to wake my family up so we could be the first one’s at the Library!   My book had already been released in […]

Natural Disasters Research

Key- Pink- questions Lime- information\answers Turquoise- fun facts Has an earthquake ever hit Melbourne? On January 2009 there was an earthquake in south east of Victoria that hit Moe, Which is a town in Gippsland.  It was a Tuesday night at 9:00pm. The earthquakes depth was 10km. When was the last earthquake to hit Australia? […]

BTN- Extreme weather [Herald Sun News]

Red-facts blue- questions pink-understanding  The fires in Victoria are believed to have been caused by lightning strikes. Up to 70 homes are believed to have been lost in a bushfire near Tathra, on the NSW south coast. How long do bushfires last for? Whats a percentage of the people who have died from bushfire’s and […]

100 word challenge -when did it arrive?

I woke up with joy and happy tears coming from my eyes, i knew today my first ever point shoes where coming in the mail and they where coming all the way from Perth. ”Ding dong” the door bell went off and i ran downstairs to the door while nearly breaking my leg in the process. […]