BTN- [Don’t Panic]




In a natural disaster the best thing to do is not panic because by panicking all your doing is wasting your time. Every minute counts and your life could be gone by getting scared and not thinking straight.

Bush fires often occur more when the weather is hot and dry.

which country/state has the most bush fires?

What is the world record for the most bush fires in a month?

I understand that it’s not good to panic in a serious emergency because your just wasting your time. You have to think logic about what your going to do to be safe and avoid getting hurt. 

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100 word challenge [However, she couldn’t believe what she had done]

I went to dancing at 7:30 to try on my solo costume.

My friend Lacey also had her solo she was performing Today.

”Who touched my costume Lacey shouted!  Sorry Lacey, Stephanie replied I accidentally dropped my lemonade cordial on it.

However Lacey couldn’t believe what she had done, she was speechless.

Now what am I going to wear, my performance is today!  Stephanie felt really bad so she gave Lacey her pink solo costume.

Don’t worry Lacey it was my bad so I deserve to not perform today.

Miss Lee our dance instructor had just come out of the Theatre room.  Girls today is a full dress rehearsal I hope your all ready!

Lacey busted into tears what am I going to do?

I can’t just take your costume Stephanie everyone will notice that this is not my costume. Mine was purple with wight wings.



BTN- Cape Town Water Crisis




Cape Town in South Africa has been suffering from really bad droughts lately.

The whole city is at risk of running out of water.

Has anyone died from a drought over in Cape town? 

What has been the worst drought recorded in the world?

I understand that 50 litres sounds like a lot of water but it only gives you a days worth and South Africa is at risk of running out of water.

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100 word challenge [Bridge,Sprinkled,Pink,Daffodil,Huge]

I walked over the bridge with my new Dance costume glowing in the sun light.

My pink cape flew with the wind like leaves in a dust storm. My beautiful bouquet of daffoldils smelt like my favorite perfume.

When i arrived home i wanted to try the new ice cream in the freezer. I sprinkled a huge amount of hundreds and thousands on my caramel ice cream.

I thought to myself how could ice cream taste so good?! 




BTN- Disaster Recovery


blue- questions


1500 people have died from Bush fires over in Pakistan in the last few weeks and several left without shelter or homes.

2000000 people have been effected by the shocking floods.

Do they know when the tsunami’s, floods and earthquakes will stop and Pakistan will go back to normal?

How high was the tsunami that killed 230000 people?

I understand a natural disaster is event such as a flood, earthquake, or hurricane that causes great damage or loss of life. It may take a while to repair things that have been damaged but eventually it will be solved.

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100 word challenge: Picture Prompt

Today was the 1st of December which meant it was the first day of summer.

Every year in summer my family and i usually go outside and collect Durians from our trees.

I raced my brothers and sisters down stairs to the back yard, we normally have a competition of whoever collects the most Durians in there bucket doesn’t have to do chores for 3 months.

I had to make sure i one this year because i keep coming last and In the past 13 years I’ve been alive I’ve only came first once.

I made a fast move because my oldest sister Olivia would always beat me to it.

Mum always put us on a 6 minute time limit and now 5 minutes was already gone.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, now put your buckets down.

Mum had taken all our buckets and counted how much each off us had collected, I had a good feeling i had one.

And the winner is…..   Oliva.

”Ohhhh sometimes i wish i was an only child like my friends”.

This is a Duran.




BTN- Africa is splitting into two [Herald Sun News]


blue- questions


Massive cracks are appearing in a valley in Kenya leading some scientists to suggest it could be the start of Africa splitting in two.

The rips in the earth in the Rift Valley are growing longer and deeper by the day.

How many life’s have been lost because of this?

Is this effecting any other country’s near by?

I understand that you cannot stop a geological process because it occurs from deep within the crust of the Earth.

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100 word challenge- I didn’t listen to the instructions…

Good morning class, everybody line up at the door today where going on a excursion to the Zoo.

Miss Penelope can i please go to the bathroom i asked?

Yes darling but make sure to be very quick where about to leave, meet us at the bus stop.

I raced off without even listening to the last few words she had said. When i got back to the classroom no one was their.

I quickly rushed to the office and asked has 3\4B left yet?

No sweaty there waiting for you at the bus stop. 

I stood there for about 10 seconds looking at the new posters the principal was putting up.

Well you better get a move on before they do leave without you the office lady said.

Then the vice-principal came out and took me to the bus stop because i wasn’t listening to the instructions.



Book review- IT

What the books about:

an ancient, shape-shifting evil that emerges from the sewer every 27 years to kill one of the town’s children. Banding together over the course of one horrifying summer, the friends must overcome their own personal fears to battle the murderous, bloodthirsty clown known as Penny wise.

IT is a very interesting and scary book, I’d recommend it to those who are into horror and death but if you don’t like horror this is probably not the book for you because it’s pretty intense! I also wouldn’t recommend it for children under 12. 

BTN- Hawaii’s erupting volcano [Herald Sun News]


blue- questions


The volcano in Hawaii has already destroyed 26 homes.

lava can spurt up to 70m in the air.

Do they know when the volcano will stop?

How far do people have to travel to find a safe place away from the volcanic irruptions? 

I understand that the people who live in Hawaii are having a troubled time at the moment with all the volcano’s that are spreading. It’s making it hard for people to travel and go places away from home.

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